Words floating in sound。
lets have fun
Friday, August 7, 2015 6:24 PM

Hellooo everyone, how should I start this. Well, I said in my last post I will post pictures, right?? am I the only one who's excited lol. But anyways, last friday, we got eid celebration in school so yeah. You guys should prepare to see the pictures. There's some that ..... 

Here we gooo :

My classmates duddudu. this is our class btw 5 science 1

This picture is so funny omg. 

me looking weird and ugly lol anyways who cares. The first pic on left, we took picture with our best biology teacher, Pn, Mona. 


we can break your hearts

lastly, my fav pic of us.

So, there all of it. Well, actually more, but probably you can't take it lol. I'm wearing a grey shawl and a mix of blue and red 'baju kurung'. There's actually one more qt bb, but she has to take care of the doughnuts, so we're not being able to take pic with her but there's always next time ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ but it's a shame too lol because she wears a baby pink 'baju kurung' and shawl, looking so cute. But anyways, we had fun.

I'm different from other girls
I don't wanna say yes
Talking to me is not easy
Your smile is not enough

p/s : I'm listening to zutter right now. The mv is kind of .... lol but it's all good. The song is nice. I want to try to make "bad' lyrics, you know that kind of lyrics. I'm still working on it tho. But anyways, wishing you a good day. 

Au revoir