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i still want you
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 1:52 AM

Hello everyone, actually today, I want to clean up my room but I'm so tired and lazy. So ... here I am. I don't know why but lately, I easily get hungry, yesterday, I had this urge to eat fried chicken, so I called my dad to buy fried chicken lol honestly I was so happy. I think that when I eat the fried chicken, I'll be refreshed ...... but, it feels empty like I'm eating plain rice. Usually, when I eat my favourite food, I got this flowery feeling but I don't know why yesterday it feels empty. 

But anyways, funny story, yesterday I fell at the toilet lol .......... It was so slippery that I fell. It hurts but it's funny so I just ended up laughing at myself. it's like I'm flying but then boom. It's really funny that it doesn't hurt that much but thankfully I didn't hit anything or else, I don't know what's going to happen. You know, today ............. I got a weird dream well actually I always got a weird dream but I ended up forgetting about it so I can't really share it with you guys. But today, after "sahur", I slept for a while because I'm so sleepy .. I sleep for like 2 hours. I had this dream, I dreamt of ahn jae hyun haha, the guy on my dream looks like ahn jae hyun, pale face, red lips and tall. Looks like ahn jae hyun but not 100%. So, here it goes. I'll only tell the part that I remember .....

That guy and his friends waited for me outside and I was in a room ....... and they were teasing him about me because he's waiting for me. Then, he come to me and he looks like he's about to hug me then I take his hand and hold it. His hands are like the double size of my hand. But then, he was in the car talking to other girl looking frustrated. Then, I forget ........ then I woke up and feeling "wow, what a weird dream I had". But, I wish that the dream was longer. I want to continue .............. but, it's kinda impossible because we can't control our dream. So, that's probably it. 

I want to wish Selamat hari raya and Salam Aidilfitri to all of you who's celebrating it. Eat a lot and be happy okies. I love u guys :~) Also, I want to seek forgiveness to all of you. I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings by my writing or words. I'm really really really sorry. Also, let's hope for a better future. I can't promise this but I'll be better. I'm still trying tho. Anyways, byee. 

This is like a farewell post. But it probably is because exam is near ........ wish me luck :~) I wish you luck on your life too.  

p/s : don't worry, you know that I can't stand not blogging. So, this is not a farewell post lol. I'm just limiting my time blogging, that's it. 

Au Revoir