Words floating in sound。
wildest dream
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 3:19 AM

His face looks sadder than yesterday 
he is leaving
i can't do anything
what should i do
i keep running like a fool

your eyes used to remind me of the galaxy
now it's all dark
i remember the old time
you calling my name so happily
making my heart beats
it's all gone now

I don't know why, but sometimes it's easier to express what I'm feeling into a bunch of random words rather than explaining everything. So, hi everyone lol. I'm posting today because my friend, they keep asking me about who's the guy and they keep teasing me about it ~_~ it's a long time already. So I'm thinking that I should make a new post and make a fresh start. Alsooo, I've been wanting to tell you this, it's that my ssantokki is on her new webdrama, we broke up. It's based on a popular webtoon, you can just search on youtube we broke up webdrama, its on yg channel, so make sure you watch it, I'm so proud of her ♡♡♡♡

ps: I want to write beautiful lyrics too, how did people write such an amazing lyrics that touch people heart. When can I reach that level...