Words floating in sound。
Sunday, November 8, 2015 12:38 AM

Yo what's up everyone. I hope your day is as great as the stars in the sky. Lots of things have been happening. Usually, I will like tell you what's the things that's happened but right now, I don't know, silent is better,  it's like when you're reading this, the way I write this, I feel like you will know what I feel like there's a channel that channels my feelings to you. I feel like I have super powers lol, I can see through people through their eyes, especially those who are close to me. 

Anyways, my habit has become worse lol, I keep on watching people's hands. I think hands are very attractive like it's just so pretty and the structure of it ...........  I can stare at it for hours and I'll still be amazed by it. Anyways, I wanted to share the lyric that I made. 

Here you go:

Your black jeans
Your structured hands
So elusive and mysterious
Stay near me
Look at me with both eyes
Say you love me
To the world
I wanna be your only angel
Stay by my side
Ill show you

Lets go out together
While holding hands
Lets keep this private
Show me your eyes
So i can see it
So i can see you looking at me
No one need to know
Lets stay like this forever
You just need to stay near me

You're perfect for me
Be my muse forever
So i can continue seeing beautiful things
So i can write beautiful words
I wanna be your angel
I wanna be your demon
No need to say anything
We're perfect like this

I don't have boyfriend so this is ......... yea no. This is just based on random things and I don't know. I got the inspiration to write this while I'm looking at a picture of ............. (can't tell haha) anyways, thank you for reading. Hope everything will goes fine, also remember to always smile, there's a lot of people who cares for you. Forgive me if I ever did something wrong. Let's erase all the negativity in life. Byeeee eh no see you again probably 2/3 weeks later after spm ends. I'll make some special post idk probably.

Au Revoir