Words floating in sound。
hot chocolate
Thursday, November 19, 2015 6:16 PM

It's pretty crazy. All of us first generation kids, and it's all cause our parents made these crazy sacrifices, we have these amazing lives, and we never thank them. 

I wanted to tell a lot of things, I've actually created something in my mind, but then when I'm sitting here in front of the computer, all the things just fade........... Now, I'm like a little kid not knowing where to go and how should I start. *sips hot chocolate* ok probably let's just go with the flow.

Recently, there's lot of good things happening. I'm feeling so blessed, like I'm being surrounded by my favorite people and it's been so positive this past few weeks. I made a few lyrics but I'll share it to you later because I don't want to make such a long post. I wanted to be more honest with my feelings now lol, like you know I like to stalk people and I like humorous people and the kind of people like idk .......... that kind of people attracts me ............ I have this habit lol (this is a secret okay ??) like when I'm attracted to people, I will stalk him/her like every time lol. This is creepy, but I'm creepy just for you.

But like, I think if I don't take action, he/she will never notice me so I'll sometime comment on their pic omg this is like a new thing to me, because I was thinking, if not now, then when?? do you just wanna stay a stalker forever ?? Also, I've been restricting myself not to buy novels because I'll read them instead of the books I'm supposed to read and I deleted my manga app on my phone also all the games on my phone. It feeeeeeeeels so lonely. I wanted to play my games, read my fav books and then go out and watch movies and also treat myself for a new shoes. There's still 4 papers left, but it'll be okay, gotta stay positive.

Also, I kinda like the invigilator in my school. He's nice and funny, lol yea I like funny people and people who has their own aura and style but like everyone is nice, I mean 7/10 girls are nice in my school. I'm starting to write like ...... bleh. So, gotta stop now. Seee you later.

ps : I forgot lol. I lov you guys. Lov yourself and don't think of what other people think too much :~) also surround yourself with your fav people and if you're having a bad time, buy something for yourself okays like a lollipop would do.

Say hi not bye.