Words floating in sound。
Will you ?
Saturday, November 21, 2015 6:30 PM

Yo what's up everyone, I'm here to share um yea : 

Few more hours till midnight
What is happy
Your heart is like a balloon
It will fly, fly and leave me again
One day you come and go
Fly to other person's heart
Leaving my heart hurts again
Wont you be with me
Just a little longer
Stay please
Stay stay

Dont go yet, its not the time yet
Why cant i give up on you
You keep coming saying sorry
You keep coming to me when i'm able to have my own wings
Why cant i give up on you
I deserve someone better
You touched her again
How long do i have to wait
No no no
Dont say lies
I just want to be happy again

When you left, have you ever missed me?
I think my heart has followed you,
Is it okay if i stare at you at the sky
Will you smile at me
Do you remember me
I keep coming back to you
Its stupid, im stupid
But yeah
Im stupid for loving you

This lyric is about a person loving another person lol obviously. It's when you love a bad guy, you love him so much but he'll hurt you and will only come to you when he's in trouble. I got the inspiration from my friend. This is basically her story + my experience + others lol . I tried to understand her feelings, I mean she's nice, pretty, and she's an angel basically, but she loves a bad guy, I don't know if he truly loves her ?? Idk sometimes I feel like he really do, sometimes ....... I don't even know. I actually wanted to stop until the "I just want to be happy again" but then I was like is this really it, because people will get wiser and mature over time, I think like probably one day, one day, he'll realize because humans will only realize what's important to them when they lose it. We only have 1 life, like we could die anytime, but we waste our time hurting peoples' feelings, saying we're still young, we should have some fun.

I don't understand lol, if I'm a guy, I'll be a cool guy and break a lot of hearts just for the one because what's the point of giving a false hope. This is just my opinion tho. I'm getting flu from my brother now, I've an exam, you know lol.

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