Words floating in sound。
Saturday, November 28, 2015 2:21 AM

Yo wassup everyone, I um you know my style of posting now right? I want to share the lyric that I made again lol. I have lots of inspiration now. The words are just flying in my head and I wanna arrange it and ta-da!

I want to fall in love
No i rather love come to me
You think you like me
But you actually like the way i am
What's your real feeling ?
The exit door is in front of you
One step forward and it'll be too late
Welcome to Mars
Ill let you see all the beautiful things
The stars are brighter here
You wont be able to look at anything else
So where do you wanna choose?
'Ugly with style' ill teach you
You'll never look back
Lets watch the stars together
Lets do things that are fun
Until we've reached the maximum point of happiness

It's shorter than I usually made because .. The longer version of it, lets keep it private heheh. I made two lyrics tbh, the other one idk ... Like something is not right?? Probably the feelings are not deep enough idk. If you read most of my lyrics, its always about pure love (not really come from my experience tho) but this one is actually from my experience, so idk. I've always wanted to write this kind of lyric, It's just so fresh but anyways that's just my opinion.

This lyric is idk ...... Its about a part of my life so I dont wanna tell what it really means, let your mind decide the meaning itself.  But, really this is not what you think haha no wrong. Anyways, I have only 1 paper left, there's a lot of things I want to do after this, I miss editing for like 4 hours in front of the computer, sleeping late at night just to find inspiration, I love it when people are happy with my creations like there's this time, I made a "Selamat hari raya" card and print it myself and then give it to my friends, and they're like omg so cute, thanks. It's so refreshing, like they like the things that you made with your own hands, I felt like all the times I spent doing it are worth it and there's also one of my classmates saying that why didn't she get the card lol. I think I'll probably made something special  this year idk probably. I used to like the cute things, you know like colorful arts, but as I get older and wiser, the feelings just got deeper, I tend to like arts that when you look at it, you can feel something, the feeling just .........

It's great lol being wiser, I tend to understand the meaning of a poem, the songs that I don't understand before also makes a lot of sense now. I accidentally closed the tab, my feelings are all gone, I don't even know what to write now. I was spacing out for 10 mins finding what to write but probably I'll just end this. I lov you guys, stay healthy, drink lots lots lots of water, always be nice to other people okays, bad days go away, negative thoughts please fly away.

I want to wear this jacket tbh, also tips, wear fluffy clothes so you feel hugged. 

 Being an angel is hard, try to break my walls, I'll love you forever, don't try to be a superman for me, because the real you is more adorable - a part of the other lyrics that I made