Words floating in sound。
Everything has changed
Tuesday, December 8, 2015 3:15 AM

Yo everyone, I'm typing in the car rn. Idk why when I typed using computer, the inspiration just wont come, like I have like 3 drafts of an uncompleted posts, there's one that is completed, but its just that something is missing so I don't wanna post it.

But lately, lots of good things happened lol. I'm still feeling moonstruck lol. Its just ..... heartwarming, like it happened one by one, when you think that 'this is the happiest day in my life' then other thing came and you thought that 'no, this is the happiest day in my life'. I'm typing this while I'm in the car (omw to your heart) lol jk I'm omw to my house, just got back from Penang to see my brother.

Its 11:21 pm now. Its dark, I should sleep. But anyways I'm in a good mood, usually at this time, if people message me, I'll say 'pls dont have a conversation w me' if its not important lol, also I'll put my phone on do not disturb mode because I like it like that. Or sometimes, if  the person is sending me something interesting, I'll stay up until 4-5 am chatting with him/her. Lets just assume this post is like I'm talking to you. The two of us having some good time lol.

I cant seem to write lyrics now I don't know why ☹ its just the inspirations are just not enough... Like its there but ..... I wrote a few lyrics but its not completed and the feelings and words just no ... Its just bleh , so I decided to stop for a while and try to find some new inspirations. Anyways, I realized that when I'm happy, I tend to show it like I'm really showing it. I'm smiling in almost all of my pictures, I rarely smile in my display pic but you know what, lets change it since I'm in a good mood. 

I should stop now. I'm getting dizzy because the car is moving. Will re-edit this later on my computer. (Yo, I'm re-editing it now.)

How's life
I haven't seen you in a while
You're still the same
I'm so glad
I miss your voice
I miss your tender smile
Time flies so fast
I just wanna be with you longer
Is it wrong to say I love you now
I'm sorry can we fix things
If you have find another key to open you heart
I understand
If it's not too late, can we be together?
I should've known better
The more I try, the harder it is to forget you.

Finally, I actually got the inspirations from myself. I mean, I'm scrolling through my gallery, and my collections of pictures, I didn't know ......... Everything has changed. So, I decided to ........... write this. This lyric is a lil bit from my experience + others + others. But anyways, I lov you guys, be kind to other people, let them do what make them happy as long as it's good for them. Stay healthy. That's it for now :~)

ps: I have lots of stories to tell, but probably later. Anyways, remember when I said that I should interact to people more, I think I'm overdoing it now, I keep on commenting on people's instagram lol.... I get shy at my own comments but nvm lol it's alright, I think.