Words floating in sound。
Baby dont cry
Sunday, December 27, 2015 7:10 PM

Hello everyone, it's 12:31 right now, someone's probably sad right now, please don't be sad or I'll be sad too. I know life is hard sometimes, but we have to move on, it makes us better, we learned from our mistakes, we became more mature. We can't make everyone happy, but as long as we did the right things that make us happy, there will be people who support us.

Some people are very judgmental, even when you breathe, they judge you, so you just ignore them :~) Recently, I joined a club in social media. The people there are so nice, at first, I was like, I want to friends with them (T . T) they are so cute and nice, but then I brave myself and tried to say hi lol, so embarrassed omg but haha its worth it because I always feel like "oh, I want to be friend with him/her." But then I just stare silently at them and in the end nothing happens, we just look at each other awkwardly.

So right now, I'm breaking my walls, it's hard tho, but its alright. Did you see that I changed my layout, it's been a long time since I haven't changed, it's always black and white lol, well I call that minimalism , I don't like looking at messy things, like not organized.... No. It's very simple lol, the way I like it. Oh yea, if you have anything to say or you want to leave a message or  say anything, you can always leave a message at my cbox, just click the round shape up there heh.

p/s : I actually intend to post this after I re-edit this but I realized that I accidentally posted it without re-editing it lol. But anyways, here I am. Have a happy day, I love you always, dududu what's more? Oh yea, I think I'm going to open up and breathe some fresh air, be nice to everyone yea. I'm going to share my lyric that I made a week ago.

All I want is you 

They call me an idiot
For rejecting other guys
Honestly, all I want is you
Today's night smells like you
My mind is fading,
You're like a water
And I'm dehydrating
People selling their love for 10 cents
But believe me baby,
I'll love you for 10000 years.

It's lalala, I don't wanna explain. As I said before, I won't post the full length of my lyrics, but I think that one is kinda long tho but anyways, have a good day.

“Revenge is not a good thing, it’s better to forget.”