Words floating in sound。
Sunday, December 20, 2015 3:12 AM

Yo everyone. I just wanted to post something even tho I just posted something 2 days before, I felt that my latest post before this was kinda depressing, it looks like I am super sad. I don't like being weak. People can say I'm weak whatever they want but I hate it when I'm the one feeling I'm weak.

I guess I found out why I'm feeling sad lol, it's because I've been reading love fanfictions that are sad as hell. Also, I've been listening to sad songs. And also, when I write sad lyrics, I can't help feeling sad because I need to feel it then only I can write what I'm feeling into words. I'm being so sappy lol. I just learned that sappy and icky both means sentimental. Thanks to fanfiction, I thought the writers had a typo, I even laughed at it lol I'm sorry. Icky is kinda cute tho, after this when my friends are being sentimental, I'm going to say they're an icky, they wont know heh. 

Also, I made some new friends .... on9, well aren't you proud of me?? It's one in a blue moon you know. I just love making friends on the internet, like soooo nice. Sometimes, I'm even more open to them than my real-life friends. Also, I'm going on a holiday tomorrow not oversea tho even tho I miss airplanes so much and waiting at the airport but this year, we're not going anywhere since everyone's so busy. So, yeah. I'm sorry if I make you sad or depressed or mad or any negative feelings. I'm just not in my best state this few weeks, believe in yourself also never give up on getting what you want, If you have any problems, god is always there. 

I will not post lyrics anymore on here or probably limiting because I decided to make it personal. This will probably be the last time I post a full length lyrics heh so here you goo. This lyric is about falling in love, just that. 

I see you from above
You look so small
So cute
I can look at you forever
Will my stare reach you
Snow are falling
Tears are falling down
This feeling is new to me
It gives chills,butterflies
Beautiful at the same time
I'm thinking of you again
I wanna hear your voice
Make beautiful song to me
My vision is blurry
Light rays everywhere
My eyes are searching for you
Running to you
Wanting to see you smile
Your structured hands
Touch me so I can feel your warmth
Look at me, no words are needed

This song is so nice, I've been listening to this song for hours.