Words floating in sound。
I'm pretty
Monday, January 25, 2016 6:13 PM

Hello everyone, it feels like a long time since I posted anything on here, I'm not that busy but yea, I didn't write any lyrics this week, no inspiration lol. I made one last week. This week I've been feeling disappointed with lots of things lol, I expected a lot but then things happen, yesterday, I went shopping with my family and as usual when my mum goes shopping, I'll sit somewhere. It was calm but then a guy sit beside me ............... I'm like .... mmm, ok whatever. Then, he started to talk to me, well I still can accept that but then he was like talking about me having a boyfriend, I'm like ha ha ha shut up. So, after this I might as well join my mum shopping, so people won't bother me in that weird way. 

Am I being mean there, well, I need to be like that, I think. People often mistake me being nice to them make them feel like they can treat me like they want like, I just talked to this girl for like 2 mins then she started to be clingy towards me and touched my things :-------) I don't know if this is normal but ...... yea, it's good that she's nice so I just let it be. 

I'm learning new things, new feelings, I tried new things, I'm like "whatever" you know, if it's making me happy, why not ? The people who wanted to stay, they will stay. Sometimes, you just gotta get rid of negative people in your life, if he/she is making you feel worse, don't be afraid to erase him/her from your life.

ps: I still love you. Stay healthy, take good care of yourself, if you have a hard time now, the good things will come okays, work hard play hard. Also, be nice to people and good vibes. See you when I see you 

Wait, baby -  me

Walking alone in the street
People are looking
Why are they looking?
They can only see my face that I painted with rainbow
They can't see the black and white
Love me more, more, more
You'll only see my smiling face
Look at me,
Don't look at me.
Baby, I just wanna have you, 
Only your hands can touch me
"Wait, baby"
How long do I have to wait? 
I want to love you
You're making it hard

pps: I'm going to be a lil bit private here so it's up to you if you want to read it or not. When people asked about if 2016 is better than 2015 or if 2015 is better than 2014, I could say that it's getting better. I think that I'm becoming better as the time increases. Yes, there will be a lot of obstacles in life but it's the way you handle it that will change it. I think 2014 is not my year lol, there's an incident happened this time, I'm feeling devastated by it, like I started to not trust people, just ... I don't wanna let people in into my life. I don't know who should I trust, which way should I go, should I smile ? People only know to tell lies then they'll leave. 2015 was the year I tried to accept things, it's not easy, I tried to open up to people, 2015 was basically the year when I tried to find myself, I learned a lot, the year I first wrote lyrics. Then, 2016 is this year, I don't know what will happen, but I saw a light, I'm walking to it, it feels near yet so far. There's more surprises unopened, and yea. I hope everything will goes well on your life also on myself. I hope the person you like will like you back, I hope you have a clear skin and a good health. Someday, I might be falling, but I know I can always trust god. Have faith everyone.