Words floating in sound。
Friday, January 29, 2016 11:10 PM

Yo everyone,  how's your day ? I hope your day is as beautiful as how the star shines at night.

WRONG by me

Okay listen,
You want me to stay,
But you keep on running away
You wanna touch my hand
When u're always hiding yours
You drink black coffee
I drink milk tea
You wanna love me
But you keep denying it
When I step backward, you come closer
When I come closer, you step backward
What are we?
Baby, I just want to know your feelings
Tell me what you want from me
I can read people's eyes but why can't I read yours
I'm knocking on your door again
I promise I'll leave after I see your face
And here I'm following your scent
Your black coat, I wanna hide inside it

Lately, It's kinda hard to make lyrics, I can't find the right words to explain my feelings, sometimes, I just stare at things blankly thinking of nothing. Sometimes, I can finish it within 30 minutes but now it took like 1 week to finish one. Anyways, about the lyrics, it's about confusion. It's up to you to think, everyone has different perspective. This is not completed but yea I won't post the full length. 

My friends have been talking about scholarship, it's weird that most of my friends want to be a doctor and related to science. I feel like I'm the only one who's wanting to work in the art thingy. It's kinda funny tho like I'm taking pure science but I wanted to work on something not related to it. Well, Everyone has their own dreams and I'll always support them on whatever they want to do as long as it won't harm them. Well, it's good tho I can visit to their clinic for free heh. 

Also, I'll be going out with my friends this weekend, so I'll probably film a video, can't promise anything tho. Actually the lyrics describe what I'm feeling right now. I wanna know what the real thing is, but I'm too scared and I'm afraid of hurting people, so I just wait, wait everyday, hoping there would be a hint. Yo, I'm talking nonsense now. I can't wait to make videos heheheh, okay good night. Also, I might not know you, but just think that I'm always beside you whenever you feel lonely, whenever you feel lonely or sad, just think that how your cells in your body works for you, keeping you healthy, also god is always there for you.

You are bigger than what is making you sad.