Words floating in sound。
one day, have faith
Thursday, January 7, 2016 7:44 PM

 Hi everyone, how do I start this ? I'm blessed ... for having all the nice people around me, I'm sorry I'm annoying sometimes, I might hurt your feelings, I'm just sorry, let's just have a new beginning and new chances, fresh start. I'm still trying to be better physically and mentally and I know I'll lose something through the way. I don't know, at some point it just got worse, so I needed to heal and during the healing I'm still not stable, I'm talking nonsense lol but thank you for being there for me, for saying positive things that make me feel better, it's just .......... thank you.

I wrote a new lyrics dun dun, just now lol, so the feels are still fresh and I decided to share it today because I might end up not having the right feeling to tell this.

One day 

Time is running
Leaves are changing color 
People are leaving through the exit door
One day you come
The next day you leave
One day you say love
The next day you said goodbye
Your presence is like an arrow
That shoots me in the heart
Is it love ?

Only a part of it heheh, I feel like explaining this, I got inspiration from a human whom I started to care as friends but then this human left, so I was like wondering why did this person left, did I do something wrong and then I started making speculations that eventually killed my mind, so I wrote this and yea, actually it's nothing really big about that human, we're not that close but still, lol it's not like this person really left, it's like this human changed. This lyric is about two person in a relationship but the girl feels that she's the only who's working hard, "I wanna hold your hand but it's too busy finding another hand" this is actually another line of the lyric, like I said I don't wanna post the full length. This line means that she tried to fix things but he's too busy at something else, so this girl feels like ........... a bird with broken wings, so she decided to leave his world for a while and tried to heal her wings.

I don't have any experience in love also in feeling brokenhearted, so it's kinda hard on expressing the feelings, but it feels nice writing this. I'm actually waiting for something lol ... for 5 years and I feel like it's going to come finally, that's why the post before I said about this feelings. But it's kinda scary, like is it really coming, I'll be super happy if it really does, I've waited for 5 years, I shouldn't lose hope. That's why my fav quote right now is have faith. What am I waiting ??? it's a secret heh. 

I was kinda sad when I think about that human, but then I thought no, stress is a disease, so forgive everyone and love everyone and I feel better. Everyone has grown so of course they will change, right? I'm also changing. Also I always tell myself now when I want to share something on my social media, what's the purpose of this ? is it leading to something nice ? do you just want to show off ? will sharing this hurts people feelings ? step by step, to reach for the brightest light. I'm sorry if I ever did something wrong, let's just give chances to ourselves, trying something new, before you say something, think. Surround yourself with good people always. Stay healthy and start your day with good vibes. 

Au revoir