Words floating in sound。
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 7:45 PM

Hello everyone, it feels good to be here. I've been listening to old songs lol. So, I said in my last post that I'll make a video right, so here it is, I'm actually hesitating whether to share it or not because I'm showing my different side of myself in here, I don't know if like ............ I should show it lol. So, to tell the truth I actually lost my phone while I'm at OU, and I found it. That's a long story to tell how I found it, but the good thing is that it's safe and yup. So I think, I'll probably delete the vid from this post until my next post heh. So yea. This video is unlisted btw. [Deleted heh]

So, I've been thinking this past few days, I'm so used to be treated nicely, so when I'm treated weirdly, it feels weird ?? it's not that people treat me badly, it's like I'm not in my comfort zone, how to explain this... like you're so used to sleep in a comfy bed but then one day, everything just crashed. I don't know what this feeling is called, but I feel down for like a few hours, but then, I read a book and I saw the word "think positively", "find joy in the ordinary", then I just think and think, there's no reason for me to be sad, my mind keep on screaming these words, I keep on thinking how to make the situations better, I tried to find happiness in simplicity even though I'm not in my comfort zone, but I thought feeling down won't help anything, you'll just regret in the end, why not just enjoy the simplicity in life.

Sometimes, all you have to do is choose, choose whether you want to be happy or be sad. There's always a way. It feels so calm now, I can write lyrics now lol.

It's because you're immature
You still ask why
Shut up
Stop asking for my heart
Act cute think evil, that's me
Bully me more,
You think I'll care
I'm busy having fun

I'm jealous of my guy friend, lol. His skin is so nice, and he's good at editing what even ? but never mind, it's just jealousy, go away. I hope everything goes well, there's always hope in everything. Good day everyone.

Au revoir