Words floating in sound。
Give me love
Sunday, February 14, 2016 6:02 PM

Hi everyone, you don't know how much you misses someone until you actually see them. You realized at that time how much you misses that person. I used to say that being loved is one of the best feeling because it's just... when you feel like you're alone, but then you see all the people who loves you, it's nice, when you feel like you're falling, but you know someone's going to catch you, your flaws, they accepted it, turned it to something nice. 

But, feelings change with time, love can turn into hatred, lovers to strangers. It scares me when I knew that at one point love withers, it's you, if you want to continue, you'll find a way, if you decided to give up, then that's it. 

I'm still on the phase of growing, the more I know about the truth, the more I'm confused. I don't like kids before because they are annoying, but now, I started to find them cute, like they don't tell lies, if the food's not delicious, they'll say it's not delicious, their eyes are pure. Sometimes, I want to be mean to everyone, I want to hurt their feelings, confused between what I know and what I feel, but when I'm feeling like that, I'll try to avoid people, finding inspirations, hearing nice songs. I'm really into old songs right now. It gives different vibes. Like, when I lost my phone, lol I'm not sad because I lost it, I'm sad at myself for being so clumsy, while I'm walking, people are smiling at me, but I can't smile back, because I feel like I'm lying to myself. 

I'm sorry, there's just so many feelings, I still can't absorb it and I want to let it out. I think that almost everything good in life comes to those who wait patiently. That's it for now, I love you guys, thank you for reading. Have faith. You're all worth it.