Words floating in sound。
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 12:37 AM

Hello everyone, welcome back lol, I've been away for almost a month or so. I just wanted to take a break and concentrate on other things. I read a lot of book, watched lots of movies and series. I'm taking a break from my social medias. I made a new lyric lol finally. 

Move on 

But baby, we got to move on
Let the time heal everything
So when we're wiser, we'll understand better
No regrets baby, it's gonna be okay. 

Yup. That's just a part of it. I feel like people nowadays tend to share everything what they do all of the time on social medias like ???? I like to do things privately, like surprise heh. While people are talking, I'm walking. I want to learn how to shoot using a gun, strong + pretty with brain, that right there is a deadly combinations. I learned self defense before but I quit because I need to concentrate on studies. I like strong girls like can we be friends?  

My mum just called me about results............................ you scared me right there, I don't even know what to wear, I need to disguise myself also I need to silent my phone, I don't want to meet anyone, don't even talk to me :-) the exam results is on 2 days from now,  I look calm but I'm not, I'm not. My friends even buy new clothes for that and I'm like ... nice :-) Can I just wrap myself with a blanket and only showed my eyes, and after I got my results, can I just fly to my rooms with lots of snacks and lock my door. I'll be listening to songs, yea that's nice but on second thoughts, nope. I need to face the music, I need to look pretty, I need to face people damn it. 

So, probably, that's it for now, I need to refresh myself from all the negative thoughts, it's gonna be fine. The past is the past, I should concentrate on what I'm doing right now for a better future. Wish me luck, also I love you with all of my heart. Till the next update, byeee.