Words floating in sound。
all or nothing
Sunday, December 11, 2016 10:38 PM

Hello people, tomorrow I'll be going back to college :( I wanna post something in my blog before I go as a reminder for myself idk for a preparation for everything that's gonna happen.

From now on, I'm going to step up the game, now if there's anyone reading this, consider yourself warned, I don't want to tell this to anyone but it feels nice typing in my blog, like it's where I find my inspiration, I feel comfortable here.

I'm not going to make people affect me anymore, I mean I don't live to please people, I'm just going to love myself and be who I am, we're all humans, isn't it? we all make mistakes. I used to give advice to people before but I think I can't give them anymore because I'm broken inside too. They said time heal everything, but I don't know, there's still scars and I think that makes us more mature in life.

So yeah, I'm on the way to better things. New me, new surroundings. Surrounded by positivity, arts and my fav people. Work hard and stay humble. Peace out people. I loveu~