Words floating in sound。
Sunday, December 18, 2016 11:28 PM

Hi people, so currently I'm at the library, it's 3 pm now tho and at 4 I have class, the things I do for you. Anyways, I'm so tired, there's so many school works and I don't know if I can finish it in time, I really didn't wanna disturb my slumber time, but good things don't come easy, isn't it?

How to find happiness in hardness? I'm complaining right now tbh it's no good but can I just go home and idk relax for a while while watching movie or reading books in my bed, Idk that'll be cool. Also, the results for my final exam is near, I'm literally so scared, it's only been 1 week I'm back in college, but I've been feeling so many bad feelings, but I guess you just have to move on and let go, all I can do right now is just to work harder and let god decide whats best for me.

So, this post is probably just me procrastinating, oh well I need to let it out. I'll be back with more happy stories, I hope. I should concentrate more on happy things but that's super super hard. So, bye for now. Take care and be healthy. Wish me luck for my result, I'm like so so so scared, I hope things will be fine. I miss my favorite people :( literally miss you guys so bad, I've missed walking alone at nights and there'll be no one to disturb me, I miss going to places people don't know me. I miss the kind people on the streets. I miss talking to strangers. I miss so many things :( but I'll try to adapt :--)