Words floating in sound。
At least I tried
Saturday, December 10, 2016 12:53 AM

Yo everyone, it has been realllly a long time right, well I was just concentrating on some other things like sch stuff, moving to college etc etc. It was not easy :(  I keep on missing home and my old life, I'm really struggling on adapting my new life tho but sometimes I guess we have to move on. Well, I did start off wrong but that doesn't mean I'm gonna end it the wrong way too. 

You know that feeling when someone told you they like you or something but then you ignored them and then you realized you like them back but it was too late because they have moved on ? guess that person really doesn't deserve me tho lol. ( I think that's too much information but who cares ) well I guess that person waited me for too long too like 7 years lol. 

Moving on, well, I don't really know but I think life's moving too fast, like I'll be 19 in a few days and then there's college, having to make new friends, it's really hard for me, you know trying to open up to people, it just doesn't feel right to me because I've always been comfortable with my high school friends, I mean 5 years with them and then suddenly I have to make a new friend, new faces and environment, also me trying to look friendly to everyone, I mean in school I have this attitude "I won't talk to you unless I really need to or I think you're interesting". It was really hard for me :( 

So, I guess I'll take it slow and just go with the flow, yeah. I was kinda mean tho in college, but anyways the past is the past, although I'm still not ready to go back but if I'm waiting to be ready, then that will take forever lol. I'm just going to fill my hearts with lots of love and idk start new and trust the magic of beginnings. 

Well, I guess that's it for now, I miss this blog so bad, oh yeah, I'm sorry if I ever did something wrong or whatever also I lovu~ Idk how I'm going to update on college, I guess I'll go to the library lol. Bye for now ~ I need to tell myself not to care what other people think, I think I'm kinda lost and I need to be fixed. Alsoo, bigbang is back with 3 new songs, I'm so happy :---)