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New year I
Saturday, December 31, 2016 7:28 PM

Hey everyone, Happy New Year !!! You know, when I first woke up today, I received a happy news heheh, I think 2017 is going to be great because I got one of the best gifts in the beginning of 2017.

If it was last year, I think I will be jumping happily because of the news but then today I just smiled happily, probably that one year changes me. I think a wise person is the person who knows how to handle things even in the worst situations but then everyone has their own limits. I have lots of things to tell you but then why is it blank now :(((( can someone buy me a flower, those pretty flowers, lots of them, that would be nice. Pretty things are nice, don't you think so? same with people but I think pretty hearts are what matters the most.

I like to be elusive, that kind of people when they appear, you see them as a breath of fresh air. Something so carefree, yet you can only look at it. It's 2017 now, I always have that you know like bucket list, day by day, my wishes are granted, I think I need to create a new one. It's quite scary, it's like I've been waiting for that to happen, I'm happy but then idk what's this feeling is. It's true though, I'm picky with choosing who can be my friends, because I take friendships seriously, so it takes me a while to be comfortable with a person.

I tend to ignore people a lot too lol when I think you're not my style, lol I'm sorry. I'm still trying to be better. So yeah, let's be better together, also do what you like and like what you do. Don't change yourself for a guy, you deserve better. Be pretty for yourself, be confident with yourself, take care and have faith everyone. Open your eyes and mind, better days are coming.Te amo~

Au revoir