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broken roses
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 6:00 AM

Hello everyone, it's valentine's day today and yea I guess I love you too much even when I'm busy right now, I'll make a time for you by updating. You know right, this past few weeks I've been feeling sentimental and those kind of feelings I can't even explain. But, I just know that, I just had to keep on walking, no matter how hard it is, small steps is still a step. 

Things may be different from what you're expecting, but that's the thing of expectation, it's not pretty all the time. I no longer need to run for people who don't wanna run for me. I'm just gonna leave all the people behind. If I'm going to meet those people somewhere, then I guess it's a new start. My concept for now is I'm gonna do what I like, and I'm gonna go straight to that, if it's me alone, then be it. The people who wanna be closer need to catch. I don't know why but I read this quotes saying like "the things you're afraid to write, write them", So I guess I wanted to do the same but with action lol. 

It might get hard at some time, but that's what makes it interesting, isn't it? If there's no obstacles in life, then where's the fun in it ? So I guess that's it for now. I needed to continue doing my work. Remember that I love you always, stay pretty and humble, work hard, and be healthy people. It's okay to be sad, but remember that happiness is a choice .