Words floating in sound。
things could take some time
Monday, February 20, 2017 12:25 AM

Yo everyone, how are you guys doing? I'm actually quite disappointed with my writing nowadays because I felt like it's just a bunch of random words and emotions compiled together like it's dead to me lol so I advise you not to me read my recent older posts. I'm currently sick right now, probably it's been a long time since I'm home so I'm not used to the environment and the air around here. I hate being sick it's just so bleh like it's hard to talk and do things but anyways looking at the bright side, I'm home. 

I was actually planning on writing lyrics, you know because it's been a long time, but then I don't know why it's getting harder lately to write them. Well, I guess I'll try :

After 23 hours lol

Baby, you keep running back and forth
Yes I do want you
but no, I won't chase you
Yeah, we just met the other day
but you always running
because really, I'm not going anywhere
till we're done here
even if we're not meant together
you'll be so nice to get close to
So stay still and let me in
you didn't even try to make the first step
and that makes me sad
makes me think
should I stay? Should I go ?
but I continue moving ahead
slowly, moving ahead

I guess that's the lyrics, quite hard to express but oh well, I'm trying a new concept over there so it may not be that good yet, but I'll keep improving as time goes on. I don't know but whenever I wanted to give up on something or someone, I won't, because I always think that the moment I start to give up, that's when the miracle comes, you guys know how much it hurts to wait and hope for something we're not sure of, right ? that right there is what I want to express through the lyrics. I used to think why am I even doing this? waiting and hoping? for what ? but then realized that's the fun in life. You just have to appreciate every little things that came in your life, cuz nothing will be the same in a year or a day. So, whatever you're afraid to do, do it now.

If you wait till one day, you might not be able to do it. If I didn't meet certain people in my life, I won't be here typing, I'll probably do something else, so I'm grateful for the presence of everyone in my life, that makes my life happier and the opposite. I wanted to tell more but I feel like it's too personal but um how do I tell you this, last night I think of my future, I know that's not my style but really, can't help it, I was planning on getting married between age 28-30 and next year I'm 20 lol. So yeah, I thought I'm ready for a relationship but nah I'm just going to play around and chase my dreams. So, that's the things I wanna tell you. It scares me how in college, everyone is like searching for boyfriend/girlfriend like that's an essential like college is the place to find your partner and that kinda irritates me but anyways ..

Anyways, have faith people, don't worry about finding love in college or your school, chase your dreams right now because believe me, let god do the planning. That way, it's more beautiful. I want to say, trust me, I'm a doctor but sadly I'm not lol. I didn't even know what I want to be right now but what I'm planning is I just wanna go with the flow. I wanted to be able to buy those art paintings that I like and when I go home, I can stare at those and yea, I feel home.

I guess that's it for now, I typed a lot today to apologize for my bleh writing recently, I'm just not concentrating. But here I am, I'm sorry if I ever said words that hurt you or whatever that make you feel hurt and I love you. Bye, see you when I see you.