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Friday, February 24, 2017 10:24 PM

Hey everyone, its the lil young me again, so I was reading lots of sentimental books and some of them just breaks my heart :( I love reading, I do. I love how it makes me feel a lot of different emotions , I love how it can make me escape from the reality making me feel like I'm in other world but somehow it makes me super sad when there's bad things happening. I think this post will kinda be sentimental so yea, consider yourself warned. I think most of us are finding their escape but in different things. I could read for the whole day if I can, because of how it makes me feel, other people probably find their escape on different things like eating, sleeping, painting, playing instrument, smoking, changing boyfriends/girlfriends every day because that's their escape. They know it's no good for them but it's like they can't live without them.

That's why, I don't blame people if they did bad things, yea it's their fault but probably by doing that things, it makes them feel better. Everything happens for a reason. We're all just lonely souls trying to escape from the reality, can't everyone be nice to each other, make the world a better place. Stop breaking people hearts, aren't we all humans, we have feelings too. The past is the past, that's what shaping you but to be honest, I don't care of what you are before, how bad you are, the bad things you've did, what matter most is now, you're breathing and you still have time to change on what you are.

I read a book about revenge and it just broke my hearts when the hero hurts the heroin, like revenge is just not worth it, if you love someone, why do you want to break their hearts, making them sad, I just don't understand, people only realize when the things dear to them was about to leave, then only they know how hard it is, then do all of the hero and heroins have to leave or almost experience death then only they can say love to each other, it frustrates me like hell. But nevertheless that's just my lil young me giving my opinions. Anyways, I love you and I mean it lol some people say I love you like drinking water. So yeah, I guess that's it, bye. Remember to have faith, work hard and stay humble also stay pretty, or stay cool, don't let anyone make you feel you're not good enough. See you when I see you ?